Received a Coin?

Great! Firstly we hope that it showed you that someone somewhere believes that this world needs more love and kindness and they chose to start with a simple act directed at you!

Secondly, we hope you’ll take a minute to understand the idea behind Tsunami of Love. Why we think the time is now for a new wave of kindness, respect and love to rise up.

Thirdly, we hope you’ll join us to build the wave. It may be that you now want to join the fun and choose to demonstrate your generosity and kindness to someone else. Why not pay it forward?

On this page you’ll find a few simple ideas to be kind to someone else and brighten up their day. Don’t let it restrict you though, be creative and have a blast! It does our hearts good to help others.

Your stories

If you gave or received a Tsunami of Love coin we would love to hear about it.

Send us a picture of where you were and tell us what happened...


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Join the Fun - Choose Your Style



An anonymous gift or act of kindness



To be a Ninja means to give an anonymous gift or other act of kindness as sneakily as possible! Have fun trying to get away without being caught!

  • Put a £10 voucher through a neighbour’s letterbox. Leave a message like “have a great day” or “for anything you need”
  • Leave a generous tip at a restaurant
  • Wrap a £5 note around the coin and place in a busker’s hat
  • Say thank you to someone who serves you with a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers e.g. your kids school teachers or nursery workers. Keep it anonymous to keep it fun
  • Look out for people who serve your town to thank them with a gift or card

… or just be creative and have fun showing your kindness!



Step in and make the difference...



To be a Hero means you look to step in to make the difference, sacrificially giving of your time, money or resources for the sake of someone else. Who’s hero could you be today?

  • Offer to help people you see in need
  • Whether it’s the elderly, the homeless, new parents or foreign exchange students, look for ways to help people out and lend a hand.
  • Post this on your social media timeline: “I’m free this weekend if anyone needs and hand with anything” If you’re under 18 please ask your parent or guardian’s permission!
  • Volunteer to serve without reward or recognition

… or just be creative and have fun showing your kindness!



Be a friend to someone



To be an amigo means your willing to go the extra mile to make the difference in the life of someone you know… or maybe someone you’d like to know! Your taking your jacket off because someone else is cold, and giving away your last rolo. Stepping in when someone needs a friend to carry weight for them.

  • Help a neighbour with their gardening or jobs around the house
  • Volunteer for a project, cause or charity
  • Look out for people moving house to help them shift the big stuff
  • Of just take them over bacon sandwiches and can’s of drinks to make the day go easier

… or just be creative and have fun showing your kindness!



Run a business or self-employed?



To be the boss means you carry weight, responsibility, authority and you wear all the best clothes. You have the power in your decisions to make the difference!

  • Offer an unexpected discount on an invoice to a client
  • Offer a service for free
  • On smaller jobs surprise a customer with no charge, and give them the token instead
  • Look for opportunity to help your staff to be generous and join in the fun
  • Reward customers with unexpected upgrades

… or just be creative and have fun showing your kindness!


What's it all About?

In a world so filled with fear, hatred, indifference and isolation, moments of kindness can impact our hearts deeply.

I remember last year feeling tired and under pressure. Two small children, a third on the way and part way through a house extension that was ripping apart the downstairs of our small home. The phone rang and the friend on the other end asked if he could come round and see me right away. My first reaction was one of anxiety. Something has probably gone wrong or I’d done something to offend him! A few minutes later he arrived and I put the kettle on bracing myself to either apologise or receive bad news; instead he handed me an envelope full of money. My jaw hit the floor.

He explained he had felt God send him my way with the gift. No strings attached. It was a beautiful act of support and kindness from his family to mine.

Finances were desperately tight for us and I was blown away. An undeserved act of kindness.

Inspired by stories like this, we began to dream of what it would look like for us to invite people in our world to demonstrate love to one another in small but significant ways.

Imagine hundreds and even thousands of acts of love and kindness being poured out through you and I. Spontaneous or planned, sometimes practical, always unconditional, generous and unexpected being passed on to others, with the simple invitation to pass on the kindness to someone else.

Imagine us starting a movement where acts of kindness begin to change the world around us. 

Imagine a Tsunami of Love.


(One of the King’s Arms team behind

Why a tsunami?

A tsunami is a giant wave that creates a strong movement of water affecting everything in its path. They are often known for causing disaster across the world, and especially in the Indian Ocean.

But what if there were a different kind of tsunami? In a world filled with a seemingly endless tsunami of hate and destruction, what would it look like for a tsunami of love to arise? A wave of kindness flowing through our nation and the nations impacting people everywhere. We believe this tsunami is rising. Better than that, rather than sitting back and watching hatred consume the world, we believe everyone can play their part to build the wave!


Outpouring of love

The idea and unfolding story of a ‘Tsunami of Love’ is founded on the supreme outpouring of love we have come to know. An outpouring that is the foundation of the Christian faith.

The Bible even says “We love each other because he loved us first.” in a book called 1 John chapter 4 and verse 19.

For so many years I’d have ticked the box on a form to say I was a Christian simply because I was born in a “Christian” country. Now I realise I really wasn’t, just like being born in a McDonalds doesn’t make me a hamburger. I figured that maybe there is a God; given that I see mountains and sunsets, life and love… but I’d thought if he was there he was probably angry. Maybe an intergalactic policeman ready to come down on me with his big stick if I made a mistake. Or perhaps a distant and disinterested creator, simply old and disengaged.

Now I realise I was wrong. My journey of exploration has been transformative as I’ve come to know God as being deeply personal and closer to us then I could have ever imagined. Revealed through the Bible and supremely through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

A perfect saviour who stepped into human history in order to display the ultimate act of unconditional love. Dying on a rugged cross in our place and for our wrong doing so that we might know relationship with God restored and live a life now and into eternity knowing him.

It’s where the greatest Tsunami of Love started.

We know not everyone agrees with us, and honestly that’s ok! But if you want to read more real life stories of how God is still impacting lives today download the free booklet below.

Lives Changed

Find out about the lives that have been changed. Download the booklet now…